AutomationDirect industrial sensors

UNO-LUX PROCESSING as a distributor of AutomationDirect equipment has a large number of industrial sensors with different purposes and functions in its offer.

Lite duty incremental encoders - catalog
Medium duty incremental encoders - catalog
Heavy duty incremental encoders - catalog
Medium duty absolute encoders - catalog
Digital and analog inductive sensors - catalog
Cables and connectors - catalog
Replacement for third-party models - catalog
Large selection of ultrasonic sensors at very reasonable prices
SU Series - diameter 18 mm - catalog
UK Series - diameter 18 mm - catalog
UT Series - 30 mm - catalog
TU Series - 30 mm - catalog
UHZ Series - rectangular - catalog
AC current transmitters to signal 4-20 mA or 0-10V. Selectable range of input current, installation without a transformer, simple installation - catalog.
Preassure switches, Series PSD25 - catalog
Pressure transmitters, Series PDT25 - catalog
Pressure transmitters, Series SPT25 - catalog
Differential pressure transmitters, Series DPTA - catalog
Transmitters with display - catalog
Magneto inductive meters and flow detectors.
Detectors up to 1" NPT - catalog
Transmittters up to 1" FNPT - catalog
Flowmeters FFM1001 up to 2" NPT - catalog
Flowmeters FFM1002 up to 2" NPT - catalog
CAPTRON SENSORswitches are capacitive pushbuttons which are activated without pressure, using a hand or other parts of the body.
- Easy install via M8 or M12 connections
- Feedback - visual signals through LEDs
- Shock-resistant and vandal proof
- 100% water & oil-proof - IP69K
Here you can download the catalog