As an automation house, Bosch Rexroth offers you everything you need for your modern production facilities. Integration of motion, logic and visualization on different platforms provides the possibility of economical application from simple CNC machines and manipulators to complex and flexible, multi-axis motion-logic applications. There are three types of platforms: drive based solutions (PLC integrated in the servo controller), PLC controller based solutions as well as PC based solutions.
Rexroth products (formerly Indramat, Bosch Automation) from the domain of electro-drive and control in combination with other Rexroth technologies (hydraulics, pneumatics, linear and assembled technology) ensure easy connection and high level of technical solutions.




  • Rexroth Linear technique
  • Rexroth Assembly technology
  • Rexroth Servo drives
  • Rexroth Frequency converters
  • Rexroth PLC
  • Rexroth HMI
  • Software
  • Trainings

Software and trainings


ConverterWorks is a software package for adjusting and diagnosing frequency converters. It allows easy viewing of all parameters of the converter and simple storage of parameters on the computer, as well as transfer of settings to another frequency converter.
ConverterWorks you can download here.(48,12MB)
IndraWorks is a software package for configuring the servo drive. When it comes to servo drives without an integrated PLC, IndraWorks DS can be used, which is completely free. This software also allows you to save settings on your computer and transfer to another servo drive.
IndraWorks DS you can download here.(64,38MB)
IndraWorks ML is an engineering software designed for parameterization and commissioning of systems that have PLC, HMI and servo devices. IndraWorks ML is a licensed software package. Contact us for the price.
Company UNO-LUX PROCESSING d.o.o. offers its clients the possibility of professional development by attending courses and training programs in the field of electric drives and management under the roof of the Rexroth Drive & Control Academy.
The technical knowledge and competence of the employees give the company a key advantage in global competition. Rexroth offers a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge in the field of electro-drive technology and management that is continuously based on industrial practice.
So far, we have successfully organized a number of trainings in the field of servo drives and the basis of Rexroth PLC in specialized Rexroth classrooms.
You can see more about current trainings on the manufacturer's website.

Linear technique

Linear technology represents the interface between stationary and moving parts. It has the function of power transfer, machine guidance and precise positioning. Linear guidance can essentially be classified according to the nature of the movement and the contact zone. Therefore, movement can be accomplished along the axis or rotation around the axis - and it is called linear or rotational guiding. The nature of the point of contact defines a subdivision to a finishing, sliding and magnetic guiding.
You can see more about the elements of the linear technique here.
Link for the manufacturer's website.

Assembly technology

Construction of machines, safety barriers, etc. are areas of application of Alu profile. Ergonomic manual workplaces, material and information flow as well as transport of finished products also fall into the group of assembly products. Using synergy of various technologies from this program, Bosch Rexroth has developed solutions from mechatronics, which integrate linear technology, servo drive and control and pneumatics.
You can see more about the elements of the assembly technique here.
Link for the manufacturer's website.

Frequency converters

The new series of Bosch Rexroth frequency converters EFC3610 and EFC5610 represent a simple and economical solution in various applications. Frequency converters with power up to 90kW with the option of Normal duty and Heavy duty mode. Models up to 22kW have built-in brake chopper and mains filter. All models have built-in MODBUS RTU communication and the possibility of expanding with additional I / O or communication modules.
You can see more about frequency converters here.
Link for the manufacturer's website.

Servo motors and drives

Bosch Rexroth is the world's most renowned manufacturer of servo drives and motors. We offer a large number of compact and modular servo systems (with integrated or separate power supply unit), as well as models designed to manage multi-axis systems. We also offer a large number of engines and gearboxes, both rotary and linear, for the most diverse applications. Parameterization of the servo system is carried out using the IndraWorks software.
You can see more about servo drives here.
Link for the manufacturer's website.

PLC & HMI devices

From Rexroth programmable systems, we highlight several series dedicated to medium and large automatic control systems. These systems are designed for motion control systems and have a built-in SERCOS protocol for fast communication with servo systems. We also offer PC-based control systems. Parameterization of the PLC is done with the IndraWorks software and the IndraLogic package.
You can see more about PLC devices here.
PLC devices - link for the manufacturer's website.
HMI devices - link for the manufacturer's website.